Third Millennium Ministries has received hundreds of notes of praise and thanks for our curriculum. Below is a sampling of quotes from those who have used our curriculum and support our work.

Please also see our video testimonials page.

Endorsements from the Field: English

Rev. Greg Hauenstein: President of Miami International Seminary (MINTS)

It is with joy that I thank you and the entire Third Millennium team for the production of excellent master's level training material that is simply not available anywhere else in the world. MINTS is involved with many varieties of curriculum material but none of it can match the consistent quality, sound doctrine, presentation, or interest level that is generated by Third Millennium productions. We feel we could not do our ministry effectively without the use of your materials.

Leonard Ben: Senior Translator at SIL International

I feel like I am getting a completely new look at the Bible! I am so glad! I can't wait to teach this to my congregation.

Gideon Umukoro: Director of Servant Leadership Institute, Nigeria

Thank you for the gift of the training resources. We are blessed by them and the content has further exposed us to the sound biblical truths of Reformed theology.

This is a tool the Nigerian church has been waiting for. The African church is like a tall tree with shallow roots, and that has made it prey to every wind of doctrine from all over the world. However, due to the diligence Dr. Richard Pratt and his faculty have put into preparing the materials, they have been accepted by various streams of leaders we train. We are grateful for your willingness to give them to us free of charge. The Lord bless you and those who made this possible.

Roberto F. de Fiesta: Pastor and part-time professor at World Mission Seminary and Manila Baptist School of Theology, Philippines

I really praise and thank the Lord for Third Millennium Ministries. How I wish that this ministry was in existence before I attended seminary in the United States. The pain of being away from my eleven-month-old baby and my wife could have been avoided. The wisdom of your ministry is that the minister, missionary or any church worker will not be uprooted from their present ministry, as well their families.

I have a burden to help educate pastors in our country. A lot of church conflicts and splits arise among Christian churches in my homeland because of the lack of theological and biblical training among our pastors. That is why I thank God that your ministry is the answer to my vision. Without Third Mill, I would not be able to raise up pastors and a team to plant churches. Now, by faith I am deploying them one by one. We are truly indebted to Dr. Pratt and his ministry.

Andy Gemmill: Cornhill, Scotland

One of the ways Third Mill has helped us is that we have been able to bring good-quality resources to people in their existing jobs, churches, network of relationships. I think the benefits of not removing people from the network of people who know them best is critical in ministry training, because so often we've assessed competence for ministry merely in terms of ability to pass exams. And actually, competence for ministry in the New Testament is all tied up with relational maturity and ability to relate to other people, and not just knowing the Bible but being able to bring it to bear on people's lives in the context of mature relationship. Therefore, Third Mill has been a great help in providing us with an online resource that we can use to get some of the information to people.

Bonnie Lou Ndelemeti: Dean of Centre for Christian Mission in Zambia

We LOVE the educational materials. Thanks, Richard, for caring for the global harvest. I am really excited about Third Mill's vision to have a Master of Arts in biblical studies, because we want to use their curriculum to start a master's program and take it all over the continent of Africa.

Pamoja Conference Attendee: Lagos, Nigeria

I met the great team with the team leader, Dr. Richard Pratt. I am greatly fascinated and encouraged by the ministry. I was handed a FREE FLASH DRIVE with great content-videos, text, applications, etc.! It is so amazing! I hope to spend the entire of next year studying. Thank God for this unique opportunity. It is truly an answered prayer! God bless Third Millennium Ministries!

Pastor Joseph Kalawi: Benin

It is of great news to our Bible School in Benin West Africa when we received the Third Mill theological materials. The contents of the teaching make great wonders of understanding the scripture in the life of the students since when we started teaching from your materials. Most especially the Apostles' Creed and Making Biblical Decisions have opened the students' eyes to better knowledge and understanding of the Church. In fact, the Third Mill materials are a must for ministerial training. We are very grateful and thankful for this most wonderful great gift of yours for ministers and church leadership training in this generation."

Endorsements from the Field: Arabic

Dr. Charles Travis: President of Logos Global Network

I just gave the [Third Millennium Ministries] DVD's to Dr. Sameh Sadik at the [Logos Global Network] conference in Alexandria, Egypt. There were 276 registered at the conference and 80 of those were Logos students. Because of the new material Third Millennium provided, we will be able to add courses and students. Please pass my thanks on to all the team there. You are doing such an awesome job.

[Name and location omitted for security]: Missionary, North Africa

The national leadership in [North African country] is beginning to use the Arabic Third Millennium materials. In the last two years, the leaders have set up a committee to ascertain what needs the local pastors have, and how they can meet those needs locally rather than having them leave the country for three or four years to train in Europe, North America or the Middle East. They want to keep their people in the country, taught by national leaders. Third Millennium is helping them accomplish that goal.

[Name and specific location omitted for security]: MTW Area Director in the Muslim world

Email 1 — Thank you so much for providing the videos, DVD's and literature for use by our church planting teams in Arab countries. You are providing a significant service to the work of church planting through these resources. One of our biggest challenges is in training emerging leadership in churches and equipping men to do church planting. In Arab contexts, this is complicated by a number of factors.

Few schools are available to them for study in their own country. Many, particularly from Muslim backgrounds, cannot be enrolled publicly in existing schools because it is not acceptable for [converted Muslims] to study there. Use of Third Millennium materials enables the gathering of small groups of developing leaders without requiring a lot of additional classroom facilities or teacher work, and fewer security risks. The versatility of the format of the materials (video, DVD etc.) makes it easier to bring them into various countries and copy them into formats suitable for particular local audiences.

We are very appreciative of your commitment to help with biblical education in a variety of languages, and particularly in Arabic for a learning audience that has fewer resources than many. May the Lord continue to use you in this, and we will continue to use you and your materials!

Email 2 — First, the church in the Arabic world is growing, and is making inroads into many traditionally Muslim areas. However, the church leaders and pastors in this part of the world are poorly trained. They are hungry for a solid, biblical, theological education.

However, there are no quality Christian higher education materials in Arabic. We have no seminary textbooks, no audio courses, no videos, and no curricula from any theological perspective.

Moreover, we have no seminaries, and very few teachers. In any case, it is not reasonable to build a seminary for people from a Muslim background. Formal classes would attract too much attention, and would make students and teachers targets for violence. This means that for education to take place, it has to be done in small groups, one-on-one, or even by individual study.

These facts present us with a tremendous challenge and a tremendous opportunity. The challenge is to meet the needs of fellow believers, to give them the education they so desperately desire and need. The opportunity is that right now, with modern technology, we can bring seminary-level education to the Arabic world.

The group that I meet with has been discussing these issues for quite some time, and is excited that Third Millennium Ministries has a vision to meet this challenge by producing a complete seminary curriculum in Arabic. In both their experience and mine, we have seen that believers throughout the Arabic world want sound teaching, and that they especially need multimedia materials so that they can use them in small groups and individual study.

Pastor Atef Sami Barnaba: with Kaser Al-Dobara (church), Cairo, Egypt

I have viewed and shared the material with our people here and they all felt it is well done and appreciated the original material. We are interested in all units which are available in Arabic especially the one about the prophets and those on Paul's teachings.

[Name, organization and specific location omitted for security]: missionary, Middle East

I am very pleased at the level of the material you are producing. There is a pronounced lack of material on that level here. I feel that your products can be greatly used to help train a more informed and articulate leadership for the church here. The video format is perfect for Egyptian society (as is the case for most other Middle Eastern societies). I usually find it a challenge to promote books here, but a video as the centerpiece of a class discussion works perfectly. I hope you will continue and produce as much of the material in Arabic as you can. I also hope that some of us here can be helpful to you in getting the material into the hands of church leaders as well as some educated lay leadership (both Muslim and Christian background) who will in turn promote and distribute the materials rapidly.

In terms of the language, I felt the Arabic was well translated. The level of the spoken language was educated but not overly sophisticated. There were some Lebanese (shemi) distinctives apparent in the pronunciation of the numbers particularly... Overall, I believe that any educated Arab could understand what was being said. Thank you for keeping the presentation in a modern standard Arabic as opposed to any particular dialect. I think that adds status to the presentation and gives it a broader appeal...

Finally, I am very eager to get copies of the materials you have available. I want to begin using them with a couple of groups I am working with. Please let me know if you see ways I can help be an advocate here in [city omitted]. Thanks for your good work.

Dr. Burt Souryal: Augustine Theological Institute, Malta

I feel very comfortable recommending the Arabic translation. It is very good. We even tried to play the game of guessing the nationality of the reader, to see if it is going to be accepted in all the Arabic speaking countries. They said that he may be Lebanese, Jordanian or from the Gulf. If there was any accent, it was very subtle. That makes not only the excellent classic translation desirable, but also preferable.

Endorsements from the Field: Chinese

[Name omitted for security]

If my testimony helped raise the ministry some more funding, I would be thrilled to have been able to take part in returning the priceless blessing (Third Millennium Curriculum) that's already been bestowed upon the church in China. I firmly believe that the health of the global church can be measured in our faithfulness to Scripture and without teaching sound doctrine we will only waste away. I believe in the vision of Third Millennium and I am even more convinced that 'because it CAN be done, it HAS to be done!' May our Lord continue to spread the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ through your work!

[Name omitted for security]

I want to encourage you about how the Lord helps us to distribute your DVDs inside of China. We have organized a ten-person study group to learn from Third Millennium's biblical and theological courses. We also print hard copies of the lesson manuscripts and study guides. Everyone in the group has to complete homework before we meet once a week to discuss what we learned. We really want to maintain a connection with [Third Millennium Ministries] to continue to receive curriculum. Many thanks!

[Name omitted for security]: A house-church pastor, Beijing, China

Your videos brought me to a new horizon to see the grand picture of God redemptive history with new eyes. It also greatly deepens and broadens my daily pastoral ministry and teaching. Praise the Lord!

[Name omitted for security]: A house-church pastor, Beijing, China

We are so excited to see your ministry introduced on the internet. Because we are located in inner China, relatively speaking, in the Hubei Province where transportation and communication are underdeveloped, there is a lack of learning opportunities for Christians. After seeing your ministry, we eagerly hope that our church leaders, especially ministers, can have such opportunities to be better equipped.

Eduardo Lo: Far East Broadcasting Company, Chino, CA

I truly appreciate [Third Millennium Ministries'] generosity in sharing your training materials with us by making them available for our free use. IIIM and FEBC can surely work closely together for the furtherance of God's Kingdom since we have a common vision of training Christian leaders throughout the world. You have outstanding training materials and we have effective distribution channels.

Moore [Last name and location omitted for security]: A house-church pastor

One of my best friends recommended Third Millennium DVDs to me... As I devoted [myself] to [watching] them, I found God was working in [them]. By sharing the material with other friends, my faith, teaching and leadership grew rapidly. I started a bible study group with [the] other three people by facilitating them with these materials. Amazingly, our group eventually turned into a small church... I praise God [for guiding us]. I also appreciate the efforts Third Millennium [is making]. I believe that more and more young Chinese leaders like me will be well equipped [through] these DVDs without going to seminary. God bless Third Millennium, the donors and His people in China!

Zhang [Last name omitted for security]: Chongqing, China

Dear workers at Third Millennium, Thank the lord I found your website last summer. Since then I have greatly benefited from it. I am your little brother in Chongqing, China. I am a sophomore in high school. I came to the Lord in 2002. Now I use my free time to learn about reformed doctrine and theology. I want to know more the faith and the catechism teachings. I hope to see more Chinese videos on your website. Thank you for your hard labors in this ministry. I pray for you all at Third Mill every day.

Endorsements from the Field: Russian

Andrei Murzin: Ukraine

On January 18-10, I taught "Evangelism in the Orthodox Culture" at Kremenchug Bible College (it belongs to the biggest Baptist denomination in Ukraine). As always, I integrated some IIIM curriculum in the course: Kingdom, Covenant & Canon of the Old Testament, The Apostles' Creed, and The Gospels. The college asked for two full sets of IIIM DVDs in Russian, which I provided. The deputy president of the Baptist Union took 25 sets of Building Your Theology and distributed them to his students. He took a copy of Building Systematic Theology to watch as well. I am going back there in March to teach the second half of the course. So I praise the Lord and thank you for the wonderful resources!

Alexei Dadochkin: Vice President of Canaan Theological Seminary, St. Petersburg, Russia

I have been working in the sphere of Christian education for many years. Distance education is very important to our seminary and I can say that there is no other ministry like Third Millennium. The lessons are presented in visual format, which is very important- it holds students' attention...your materials are easily accessible and can be downloaded from the Internet for free- which is very important for our students in our economic situation. I also think that with the help of Third Millennium materials we can resolve the problem of shortage of professors. It is a big problem for us to find good teachers.

Jan Volkov: Executive Director, TBN Russia

Living in the 21st Century, we need to make use of all advanced technologies available in the modern world. In addition, distance education is very relevant for Christians. It also offers a very interesting opportunity for secular people to learn about the Holy Scriptures, to learn about God's love. That is why I think providing distance education is urgent. Moreover, by using modern means of communication we can bring this education to any home, anywhere on earth. As I see it, many Christians today are aware of the importance of education, and as they grow spiritually in their churches, they seek opportunities to get this education. It may be not possible for financial reasons, or lack of time and it may be impossible to get full-time education in an institution. And not every church opens a Bible school or a course of sound theological education.

Third Millennium Ministries provides a good opportunity for Christians all over the world to get theological education while staying in their homes with their families, and — what matters — at convenient times. Your ministry's productions are high quality, and can be used by all age groups. The Third Millennium curriculum is similar to modern television productions, which meet contemporary demands and can be broadcast on any TV channel. Therefore, I think these materials are high quality, comprehensible and easily understood, both by Christians and secular people.

Zumagali Jzhaudzhanov: Pastor in Kazakhstan

Regrettably, few people from Kazakhstan can study in seminaries. There are no seminaries in Kazakhstan itself. That is why the materials provided by Third Millennium Ministries, like the lectures on hermeneutics and exegesis available now in Russian, make it possible for us to equip the leaders we would like to have in the field. Healthy theology is very relevant today. And not only in my city and in my church but in all of Kazakhstan. There are many delusions and heresies in churches, which do not hold to any theology. For us, these materials serve as the basis of education, not only in churches, but also in the general educational institutions, which still exist in Kazakhstan.

Dmytro Fedorchak: Student in Kyiv, Ukraine

I am a member of an evangelical church in Ternopyl, and as a Christian, I wanted to grow spiritually and get deeper knowledge of God and His Word. Maybe that is why the Lord sent me a friend, who offered me to study IIIM materials, and told me that these materials help him to grow spiritually and understand biblical values. In the beginning, I could not understand how seminary education fits on DVDs, but I trusted my friend and asked for a set of DVDs. When I received the DVDs I was surprised how many there were. While watching the videos, I realized the value and priority of this kind of education. When studying IIIM materials you are master of your time, and circumstances do not influence your education process. You can organize your learning process according to your priorities, stop the video, go back and make notes whenever you want. That is why it is so effective.

This program helped me build my theological position and learn about other positions. It helped me understand cultural historical background of Scriptures, gain deeper understanding of the Bible and see it from perspective of biblical events contemporary; and to understand how God acted in history (as with Abraham, with Paul, etc.). I also shared a series about Abraham with my other friend. I think it is one of the most interesting courses, as it raises issues that I was not aware of. I am sincerely grateful to people who work hard so that all of us, who want to acquire theological education had this opportunity.

Endorsements from the Field: Spanish

Dr. Jeffery E. David: Director of The Caribbean Initiative

As a way of learning firsthand about the role of being a mentor in a small group, I introduced the Third Mill material to a couple of brothers, Alvaro and Jose, from my church in San Jose, Costa Rica with whom I was having a Bible study. At first they were a bit hesitant. Neither had attended the university and they thought that the material would be too intellectually abstract and they would not gain much benefit for their effort. Since we had just finished a study on the book of Galatians, we began with Reggie Kidd's course, The Heart of Paul's Theology. After two weeks they were hooked. Every week they would come to our meeting excited to share the new insights they had learned from their study. They had been inspired by the course on Paul's letters, but they wanted more.

After we worked through the two courses by Reggie Kidd, we started working our way through Richard Pratt's courses on the Old Testament. For both of them these introductory courses began to put together the Bible in a way that they had never seen before; it filled in many gaps in their knowledge. The emphasis on the kingdom of God and the covenants has revolutionized their reading of Scripture, especially the Old Testament. As Alvaro told me on more than one occasion, these courses gave back to him his whole Bible.

As a post script, Alvaro and Jose want me to pass on to all who labor in Third Mill their undying thanks for the material you have produced. They recognize its quality and the labor that has gone into producing it. They also want me to emphasize their thanks for making the material accessible to the "common folk" (their words) that haven't had the privilege of a university education. I thank you, as well, for giving me a platform to introduce such excellent theology to others. May the Lord continue to prosper your work.

Craig Pohl: MTW missionary, Ecuador

Third Millennium's curriculum is being used in Ecuador. Miami International Seminary just taught its first course at a satellite site in Ibarra. They used Third Millennium's Spanish videos on Genesis to kick off the course. In addition, a Mission to the World national partner just asked if he could borrow Dr. Pratt's video on baptism to understand the doctrine better. About four weeks ago, I showed Third Millennium's Spanish series on the prophets to a Young Adult group to whom I am teaching Covenant Theology. I also reviewed the entire English version of Kingdom, Covenants & Canon of the Old Testament, in preparation of teaching an Intro to the Old Testament course. The materials that you are developing and translating with great effort ARE BEING USED!

Fred Jonkman: Missionary with a theological study center, Quito, Ecuador

I started to teach in our adult Sunday School on the topic of the Covenant of Grace with the purpose of teaching on why we baptize our children. I ended it about a month ago with showing the DVD ¿Por Qué Bautizamos a Nuestros Hijos? It was great... a great finale, which so succinctly confirmed all that I taught, but had the added benefit of the graphics (plus Richard can teach much better than I). Since then, we have had various couples of our church talk about it and are now asking if they can have their children baptized. We also have many in our church requesting a copy of this DVD. We have decided that this DVD is a "must see" for all who go through our new membership course.

Thank you for providing these excellent tools and be sure to pass on to everyone there that it is being blessed. Thank you for your generosity and willingness to help us out here. We look forward to seeing a lot more material in Spanish soon. I am convinced that this material will be blessed throughout the world.

Frank Matthews: MTW Missionary, Peru

We just sent three IIIM video sets to a mountain town this weekend to add to their resources. We are continuing to work on getting good, reformed teaching to the pastors and leaders here in Peru. One of my main projects for the coming year will be developing a whole packet of resources that we will be able to give to church leaders and planters here in Peru in the future.

We will be in prayer for you guys. Know that you guys are valuable to us and the work we have here. Thanks for all you are doing.

Rev. Jeff David: Crux Sola Est Nostra Theologia

I returned last Friday night from Cuba and our first installment of what I'm calling The Caribbean Initiative, which is an effort over the next three years to put into the hands of 500 pastors and church planters a tablet downloaded with Third Millennium courses and an app with a digital library of biblical reference works. This last week was the first of three seminars we are giving this year in Cuba to help the leaders of Los Pinos Nuevos structure and work through the implications of employing this technology in their training of pastors and church planters. We had 26 leaders attend this first seminar. They were thrilled with their tablet and they were equally enthusiastic about Third Millennium's material.

I want to express my thanks, first to the Lord for the vision he has given you, and secondly to you for obediently following that vision. It has meant a great deal to me and to our brothers and sisters in Cuba that they have access to a quality theological education. What you may not know is how far your courses are already reaching Cuba. It has amazed me that the Cubans have not waited for us to provide them with a tablet in order to take advantage of Third Millennium's material. One couple, Kendry and Elizabeth have developed a program with 150 students. Betty, a leader in the congregation in Old Havana, has 90 professionals taking your courses. One pastor, Ornan, told me that a pastor from the Ukraine has recently visited Cuba. He told Ornan that he and his church had been praying for Cuba for over twenty years looking for an opportunity to minister on the island. As they were discussing possible options, Ornan mentioned that we were about to initiate our program. When this pastor saw that it we were using Third Millennium's material he exclaimed "We know Third Mill, we use it in the Ukraine!"

Be encouraged, you and your team, I think only eternity will reveal the reach and impact of what the Lord has put in your heart.

Pier Benites: Missionary in Guatemala

I would like to take a moment to thank Third Millennium Ministries for the work that you are doing. We thank God for you and thank you for doing what you are doing.

Will Savell: The Grace Institute

The Third Mill material is deep and stout, and equivalent to a master's level education. Some ask if untrained pastors are able to understand the teaching. Our philosophy is that as pastors and leaders of the church are enabled by the Holy Spirit to learn the deeper truths of the Bible, then it is not and will not be too hard.

Woody Lajara: Missionary in Costa Rica

Thank you so much it has been a tremendous blessings and a very good encouragement for the participants to study good theology based in biblical principles.

Tim and Annette Gulick: Missionaries in Argentina

Third Millennium is very easy to access. Many times when you want to get educational instruction, it can be very expensive. If we tell our students to read something, they will have to order it and then wait for it to come in on the boat. This can be detrimental because it can frustrate the student and slow the learning process. Third Millennium is free and can be accessed quickly. Therefore, it is a great fix to this problem. The other thing that makes Third Millennium so effective is its ability to go across denominational lines. Third Millennium is so flexible and helpful to us. Thank you Third Millennium and thank your donors for us for making this curriculum a reality. It is needed.

Endorsements from the Field: Specific Titles

The Apostles' Creed

[Name omitted for security]: Voronezh, Russia

Great job on Apostles' Creed! I am so glad that there are resources like this. May the Lord bless you by His grace and give you the strength by the power of the Holy Spirit to continue serving the elect in the same way. Amen.

The Heart of Paul's Theology

[Name omitted for security]: A house-church pastor, Beijing, China

The Heart of Paul's Theology brought me to a new horizon to see the grand picture of God redemptive history with new eyes. It also greatly deepens and broadens my daily pastoral ministry and teaching. Praise the Lord!

Field Survey: On the Chinese version of our video lesson The Heart of Paul's Theology The survey was completed by pastors, elders and other church leaders at seminary satellite locations of a developing denomination in China. This denomination reported that their church body has doubled every year for the past three years. For example, in 2003 one congregation had more than 3,000 in attendance. For security, we cannot divulge the name of the denomination.

  • Very intuitive, visualization helps me to memorize and learn
  • Refreshing views of theology and perspectives
  • Overlapping of present age and coming age gives us a blessed hope
  • Clarity of picture and words made difficult concepts easy to understand without losing significance
  • Position clear and arguments sound
  • Helped us receive the illumination of truth and deep thoughts of Paul
  • Topic is clearly presented, contrast methods are great
  • Your theology is relevant to life
  • We need more videos like this in every subject
  • I want to have them immediately so that many members of my church body can be blessed also
  • The doctrine was taught clearly and comprehensively, it is needed badly where systematic training is lacking
  • It would greatly help the theologically confused churches and point the way to church unity from a new angle
  • Since the New Testament largely consists of letters from Paul, a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of this portion of Scripture is essential to the church
  • Voice of narrator is affectively powerful
IIIM conducts field surveys in order to: improve our video curriculum through authenticating cultural and social diversity; confirm or challenge the need and excellence of our lessons in foreign language; and enhance the training of respective church leaders.

Kingdom, Covenants & Canon of the Old Testament

Dr. Biao Chen: Chinese pastor

In my travels to China, I have found that Christians are zealous for the Word of God but lack an understanding of its overarching message. This hinders the growth and health of the churches and believers in alarming ways. I cannot image the great impact on the believers if they would be equipped and transformed by this highly applicable survey course.

Building Your Theology

Dr. Biao Chen: Chinese pastor

This is one of best lectures of its kind, in terms of its excellent content, mature approach, and penetrating insights into theological issues. It revolutionized my thinking, actions and emotions as a pastor and teacher. I would wholeheartedly recommend it as the first choice to anyone who wants to study theology responsibly, wisely and practically. It will benefit the body of Christ throughout the world.

Jibiya Jibrin Baros: Youth minister in Lagos, Nigeria

I encountered (your) materials from the Great Commission Movement during the camp meeting tagged PAMOJA here in Nigeria. Ever since, the resource has greatly impacted my life. The teachings on Building Your Theology have been of unquantifiable impact in my life. It has helped me understand true Biblical interpretation from a different perspective. I have even enrolled for the free CCM online course with BTS (and) I have already made plans to put together a class for other young minister to study the materials together. I am ready to push far for the equipping of the saints and the body of Christ…Many thanks to your Team. Grace and peace be multiplied unto all of you."

The Primeval History

Richard B. Ramsay: Instructor, FLET

Dr. Pratt's videos are a refreshingly new, but solidly exegetical analysis of Genesis. They help us understand its historical context, and place its teachings appropriately in the plan of redemption. They are professionally produced and interesting to watch. We believe these videos will be a very valuable contribution to the students taking our course on this fundamental book of the Bible.

[Name omitted for security]: A house-church pastor, Beijing, China

I just watched the first video in the Genesis series, which was a great help to me. Please send more videos as soon as possible.

Charles Creech: Missionary in Argentina

In response to the Genesis videos in Spanish, I have a dream. The situation here, as I see it, is that Argentina is not a self-propagating church because it has a yawning chasm where theological education ought to be. I just finished teaching my first course in Spanish, teaching the WSC. I had young men who rode on a train for an hour to be taught something with some meat in it. It is my dream and heartfelt desire to teach in such a way that people will actually want to learn and willingly lay down their lives to live for Christ. I am thrilled that you want to help me do that.

[Name, organization and specific location omitted for security]: missionary, North Africa

We have started our program here in North Africa. The first course is intended to cover Genesis. The format consists of a mixture of inductive Bible study, lectures, Third Mill curriculum, and discussion. The Genesis study will be done in two long weekends with a month of separation to allow for a research paper. We completed Weekend Number One for both groups and it went much better than expected.

Third Mill materials have been well received. We showed the first three videos of the Genesis series and will show the fourth next weekend. Please continue to produce high-quality materials in Arabic. They are greatly needed in this part of the world.

He Gave Us Prophets

Bonnie Lou Doland: Centre for Christian Mission, Zambia

I cannot express how moved [our students] were by the quality of the material in He Gave Us Prophets along with its helpfulness for understanding prophets at large. We are truly rejoicing on this side of the ocean.

James Kalenga Mwamsa: Student in Ndola, Zambia

I do not know how I can explain the way you have unveiled my mind to understand the prophets and to have new interest to study them. As I watched the video series on He Gave Us Prophets, my life was filled with joy to have the knowledge of the Word of God.

Alexander Barchuk: Vladivostock, Russia

I have listened to all eight of Dr. Richard Pratt's lectures He Gave Us Prophets. I want to say that it significantly helped me learn this course at the seminary. My understanding of prophecies significantly deepened. Thank you all who support this ministry.

Endorsements from the United States

Dr. Steve Brown: President, Key Life Network

Third Millennium is one of the most exciting and innovative ministries in America. It is an affordable, radical, creative multimedia resource for educating the people of God and for equipping church leaders to face the challenges of the new millennium.

Rev. Dan Faber: President, The International Exchange Organization

Third Millennium Ministries' digital seminary curriculum answers a major missiological problem in the international church today. International pastors need quality Biblical theology, but they need it in context of their culture, in their language and in their land. Third Mill puts the same biblical theological content one would study at a stateside seminary in the hands of the local international church, so their pastors can study while continuing to shepherd their flocks. Third Millennium Ministries enables students and professors around the world to have true biblical seminary training through digital courses while remaining in their own country, culturally relevant, and in their own language.

I am always in contact with national pastors and local seminary professors who are clamoring for solid biblical training material that is transferable to their particular culture. That is what the pastors want: "God's Word and a systematic way to understand it." I have personally seen Third Mill seminary curriculum used in two communist countries, several Middle Eastern closed countries, and a half dozen other places that are open but void of solid training curriculum. When I travel around the world to equip pastors, I always take a Bible and a packet of Third Millennium DVDs. That is another thing I love about Third Millennium Ministries and Dr. Richard Pratt: they give this seminary material away free to churches overseas!

Reaching the world for Christ will happen best through national pastors who are solidly trained in their own language and in their own culture "as they go." That is what Third Millennium Ministries is all about, "giving" the international Christian community the tools to train their own pastors, evangelist and teachers.

Rev. Sandy Willson: Sr. Pastor, Second Presbyterian Church, Memphis, TN

Richard Pratt and Third Millennium Ministries are blessing many people in a unique way around the world. We enthusiastically support their ministry.

Rev. Tom Cheely: Sr. Associate Pastor of Missions, Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, AL

Third Millennium course work needs to be completed quickly. The people of the world cannot wait for us to decide whether we will support this vision, which the Lord has given. Leaders are needed. Training is the issue. Third Mill is poised to be the instrument that God uses to overcome the gap. Sponsor a new course! Cover the translation cost. Let us not wait for the fourth millennium.

Dr. Bryan Chappell: President and Professor of Practical Theology, Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis, MO

Third Millennium comprises the best of theological training and mission motivation. As I consider the goal of providing theological training for church leaders regardless of their location or limitations, I simply want to cheer. This is the heart of the Gospel on grand display.

Dr. David Baer: President, Overseas Council

Third Millennium Ministry's commitment to excellence manages both to reflect our Creator's glory and to nurture the people who utilize their materials for their own ongoing preparation in the gospel and Christian ministry. The quality of the product—both theological and aesthetic--is at the forefront and is never sacrificed to expediency or urgency. I have long been an admirer of 'Third Mill's' team, an appreciation that is only deepened by the collaborative spirit with which they go about their work.